Rhys Kirkman is a 25 year old singer/songwriter from Bedfordshire. He grew up playing in punk bands in local venues whenever possible.

Whilst at university in Edinburgh, Rhys released his debut solo album in 2011. Written in his flat in Scotland and recorded at home in the summer, 'Someone & Something' showed Rhys's autobiographical lyrics over simple band arrangements, with Rhys playing drums, guitar, and bass on the record.

Over the next year Rhys played shows all over Edinburgh, settling into life on stage with just an acoustic guitar and a microphone. By the summer of 2012, Rhys had 10 new tracks written and ready to go for album two.

Returning once again to a simple home studio in his parent’s loft, playing every instrument on the record, Rhys introduced some more complex arrangements. Keyboards and synthesized string parts created a larger, more diverse sound to sit behind the personal, honest lyrics. Rhys began using a loop pedal onstage, adding beatboxed drum parts and layers of guitar and vocal sounds to convey the musicality of the record.

After graduating in 2013, Rhys returned home to Bedfordshire and quickly re-established himself on the local scene. In February 2014 Rhys launched his third album 'The Tallest Man In The Pub' at club 85, performing with a band for the occasion.

The Tallest Man In The Pub is a much simpler album, stripped back and acoustic in comparison to the first two. Rhys sings three of the tracks with just his acoustic guitar for company, whilst others feature a double bass and lighter accompaniments. The title track details the disadvantages of being 6'6" tall, and the frequency with which it is mentioned.

After the release of The Tallest Man In The Pub, Rhys continued to play shows in Bedfordshire and the neighbouring counties. He performed a track for BBC Introducing as part of their 2014 Summer Solstice '24 gigs in 24 hours', and appeared at a number of local festivals. 2015 saw him share stages with the likes of Will Varley, Gaz Brookfield, and many others.

The 4th album was delayed again and again by various complications. In January 2016, a new idea was formed and a permanent backing band was put together. The year was spent in rehearsal rooms writing new songs, and getting used to playing as a group. As we enter 2017, a selection of songs have been written and recorded, final preparations are being made, and gigs are filling up the calendar.

It has been a long time since we’ve seen anything new from Rhys Kirkman, but the best things come to those who wait…