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Catch A Train EP
Out 12th May 2018

1 - When We Get Home
2 - February
3 - Catch A Train
4 - Excuses

The first full band EP featuring the fantastic

Simon Tabert - Keys
Danny Baylis - Bass
Yann Mounot - Drums

Launch Show - Club 85, Hitchin - 12th May
Loose Ends EP

A small selection of songs from the last few years.

Before releasing the full band EP I wanted to record some of the songs that had been kicking around for a while. It's been four years since my last album came out and there have been many many songs that never saw the light of day. Here's a few that I didn't want to get lost forever.

1 - My iPhone Is Ruining My Life
2 - My Friend Jack
3 - Flat Pack Bad Back
4 - Heartbroken

Avaliable now on iTunes & Spotify